Zenaida is a licensed cosmetologist, but she's a hairdresser of a different sort: her specialty is an in-depth, down-to-the root knowledge of HAIR along with skincare and specialty waxing/sugaring. She is a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, and is genuinely passionate about her trade. She firmly believes in a more holistic or natural approach when it comes to the beauty and health of the skin, as it has been an amazing approach for her own personal routine and highly sensitive skin.

She understands the needs of her clientele and will address them in her utmost professionalism

(without sacrificing personality or her sense of humor).

Working in settings from day spas to world-class resort spas has helped her know exactly how to create an efficient work environment in her boutique studio at Sola Salons in Bird Rock, which is why she's not only become one of San Diego's best kept secrets but also one of the most sought after by others in her field as well as major consulting firms. Setting a standard for quality is her goal.

She's remains hard-working and dedicated to each of her customers while using a unique technique and gentle touch.

This cannot be mastered or successfully duplicated by other professionals, as Zenaida sees each person on the table has a unique situation with specific needs - the technique or medium can be changed at any given moment - customizing to that special individual.

Self-educated? Not so much! She does have a little bit of a college background, and a multitude of certificates collected over the years working with various professional and luxury product lines.

She loves to support our local hand-crafted cosmetics and natural skincare companies,

and uses them in her business for her customers to enjoy.

Educating her clients and creating a satisfactory experience are her primary goals while using affordable, natural products and ingredients.

Continuing education, research, and a strong network of professionals for referral are key.

Helping her clients understand and address their needs is her priority.

"Wearing lingerie with an unkempt bikini line is like going to an interview wearing an ugly suit and a bad haircut. Let's fix that!" -Zenaida

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